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Smart City Expo Shanghai (SCESH) embodies the vast potential of the Smart City concept, featuring an exhibition and conference platform dedicated to G2G, G2B, and B2B oriented audiences. SCESH is part of the SCE Abroad events community and part of the international events of Fira Barcelona International. SCESH represents an unparalleled event platform in Asia that will be held annually heading into the future, having branched out into China from the original and leading worldwide event, Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC).


Building momentum for the advancement of smart cities worldwide, the two day event provides the space for business development and knowledge exchange, while facilitating the promotion and uptake of innovative solutions in urban infrastructure construction and public service delivery around the world."

Main Events
Global Smart City Cooperation and Development Summit

The 2023 Global Smart City Cooperation and Development Summit is the headline conference platform of SCESH, municipal Government leaders and representatives from 10 Global Smart Cities will delivere speeches on their Smart City plans and achievements


We create immersive, interactive and thematic exhibition zones based on real Smart City developments


We feature more than 20 professional forums and special release activities, inolving information technology or telecommunications, power generation or environmental sustainability, Big Data or AI, transportation or tourism, infrastructure construction or any other related field

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Global Smart City Cooperation & Development Summit

"Global Smart City Summit" is one of the most significant global smart city forum related to "Smart City Expo Shanghai".

The  2022 "Global Smart City Cooperation & Development Summit" was successfully held in Shanghai International Convention Center. Municipal leaders and public officials at the vice mayor level or above from 10 different cities worldwide were invited to discuss technologically oriented socio-economic development approaches and share achievements in the Smart City field. 

In the form of offline meetings and online exchanges,the Summit invite you to engage in cutting-edge urban construction trends, share achievements in Smart City development, and to seek the future potentials of the Smart City with other leaders.

Review of the 2022 Conference
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